Intuitive Awareness Training & Development Services

Feel. Listen. Believe. Achieve.

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Work one-on-one with Intuitive Awareness Specialist, Exercise Physiologist and Sport Psychology Consultant, Sarah Walker. Sarah works with athletes all over the globe, helping them to achieve their best by developing intuitive awareness. Here's your chance to develop yours!

Sarah will work with you to develop your own unique skill-set to gain intuitive awareness. Working one-on-one with Sarah will help you to identify and address common performance barriers. Below are a few common obstacles athletes face that Sarah can assist you with:

"I'm always injured!" "How do I recover from my injury?"

(Recurring Injury, Treatment/Healing)

"I don't know which  training program is right for me?" "I don't know where to start!" (Individualized Training  and Programming Needs)

"My strategy is to run fast." "I try to PR at every race." (Race Strategy and Expectation Development)

"I want to be able to run like the runners I see everyday!"(Motivation/Expectation/ Peak Potential Development) 

"I'm stuck in a rut!" (Performance Plateau).

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Sarah works with teams, groups and coaches to help athletes develop intuitive awareness. How Sarah works with each team/group/coach is dependent upon the need of each group of athletes but here are a few examples.

Sarah can help you to: 

 -Gain awareness and insight into how your team functions as a whole (team dynamics).

- Work with you to identify the needs of the individual athlete.

What may work well for the group, does not always ring true for the individual but is often difficult to identify. 

Sarah can assist you by:

- Identifying these needs/obstacles.

- Creating strategies to implement into your coaching. These individually tailored strategies will assist your athletes in achieving peak performance as a group and individual. 

Sarah will also work with teams/groups to develop intuitive awareness through observation, education and demonstration. 

Summon the strength to remain consistently curious and you'll gain the strength to remain consistent.