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Helping athletes reach their potential by developing intuitive awareness.

During activity or rest, the body sends signals. These signals are all indicative of a need.

             The question is:
                         Are you listening?


During activity or at-rest, the body sends signals. These signals can be psychological (motivation, stress, fatigue, perception of effort, fear, etc) or physical (efficiency, pain/discomfort, heaviness/lightness, etc) in nature but all signals are indicative of a need.

When these needs go unaddressed, there's a greater likelihood for injury, burn-out and performance plateau. In other words, athletic performance suffers. 

INTUITIVE AWARENESS is the ability to identify (feel) and translate (listen), the very subtle signals the body sends. 

Developing intuitive awareness:

1.) Reduces the likelihood for injury.

2.) Shortens recovery time from injury.

3.) Aids in a smoother more effective training cycle.

4.) Unlocks the ability to achieve peak performance, no matter the level, experience or sport. 


Intuitive Awareness Development for Athletes of All Levels and Abilities.

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Peak performance requires the ability to work through discomfort, however knowing the difference between discomfort associated with effort versus discomfort associated with injury is paramount. How well do you know the difference? Learn to tune-in and better understand the signals your body sends when working to achieve peak performance versus the onset of injury.

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Peak performance requires a keen ability to decipher which signals to tune into versus which to ignore. 

It's time to consider what signals you're listening to. How often during competition or training have you thought about the discomfort you're feeling? What was your response? Did you slow down? Speed up? Hold? Your response may be  holding you back from reaching your potential. Learn more about how you approach training and competition and how to harness your fitness by tuning in, while tuning out.

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 How much are you holding yourself back? Is what you believe your potential to be far less than what your potential could be? Unsure of what your potential could be? Now is the time to unleash your potential by developing intuitive awareness. 

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"Reaching your potential comes from a curiosity to discover what's out there and a refusal to accept limitations."

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